Aych Architecture | About
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About us:

Melbourne based, Aych is a young and progressive company, interested in exploring throughout the design process to create inspired projects. The Aych folio is growing with a diverse scope of works that vary in scale, style and context.

The focus on listening and discussion along with careful analysis of a brief, ensures the projects that are conceived are not only individual, but thoughtful & considered design responses to their entire context.

Independent of scale and budget, opportunities to create are only restricted by imagination and are developed through creative design strategies and a productive relationship between the client, site and designer. By encouraging a collaborative relationship throughout the design process Aych ensures all objectives are met to deliver a successful and inspired project.


Architecture is only as good as the ideas driving it and relies on the testing and evaluation of these ideas in order to be successful. This involves a consciously guided critiqued and collaborative process with the client, site and designer. It’s the investment in this initial stage of the design process that remains to be the key ingredient to conceiving and realising a successful project that meets all requirements and performs beyond expectations.

In order to achieve this, Aych is focussed on delivering a highly personalised and tailored design service to every client – As we believe this is essential for creating projects that respond to all objectives and optimise their role to achieving meaningful, relevant and considered outcomes.

All projects conceived and realised by Aych are reflections of their clients, being sensitive, individual and unique. It’s this attention to remaining focussed on the client that ensures the resolution created is not only successful but most importantly – valuable.


Hugh Feggans
Director / B. Arch RMIT / M. Arch RMIT

Born in Tamworth NSW, Hugh has always had a strong interest in design from an early age and had his sights set on becoming an architect – enabling him to be involved with all aspects of the design process without limitations. It was this that brought Hugh to Melbourne to study and commence developing his architectural career in 2001.

After initially commencing work with a large commercial design firm, Hugh then moved to the Mornington Peninsula to pursue his long interest with residential architecture and began working for a smaller boutique firm specialising in high end residential design. Throughout this time Hugh worked closely with the clients to build strong relationships and an understanding of their needs, specific to each project and its design requirements.

Coinciding with the birth of his first son, Hugh then left the firm to pursue his own professional interests and family life. Hugh believes that balance is essential to achieving consistent success and this only realised through not only designing where you live, but how you live.

Hugh remains based on the Mornington Peninsula and lives and breathes architecture.



  • Advantage property offices
  • Back for Health Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
  • Clarendon Chiropractic Centre
  • Collective Café
  • Family Life Chesterville Road Offices
  • Highlander Lane
  • Ingles Street
  • Independent Studios
  • Precision Dental Surgery
  • Spoke(n) bike store
  • Superior Foods office Clarinda Road
  • Truffles Cafe St Kilda
  • Walter Street
  • Willim Café
  • YMCA Southbank


  • 28 Cowper Street
  • 30 Cowper Street
  • Abbortsford warehouse conversion
  • Acheron Avenue
  • Belgrave Hallam Road
  • Belvedere Close
  • Byron Street
  • Cape Liptrap Road
  • Deane Street
  • Derinya Drive
  • Duke Street
  • Johnston Street
  • Joyces Road
  • Keys Road
  • King George
  • Ludstone Street
  • Lum Road
  • Mariemont Avenue
  • Merton Avenue
  • Nepean Hwy
  • Service Street
  • St Kilda Street
  • Stoney Creek Road
  • Tennyson Street
  • Tolhurst Parade
  • Trig Point
  • Tweed Street
  • Well Street
  • York Street
  • Kunyung Road
  • Washington Street


  • 176 Lum Road
  • Abbin Avenue
  • Brookville Road
  • Cowper Street
  • Donald Street
  • Dunsterville Street
  • Field Street
  • Gramatan Avenue
  • Gray Ct
  • Herbert Street
  • Jellicoe Street
  • Mary Street
  • Phelan Drive
  • Riversdale Road
  • Roydon Street
  • Short Street
  • Te Hongi/Gray Ct
  • Thomas Street
  • Wentworth Avenue